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    Q&A: Doing What "Can't Be Done" 
With over 30 years in the industry, innovation, flexibility, and perserverance have been cornerstones of success for George Branddon adn the companies he founded , Commodore Plastics LLC and Commodore Technology.
    Tray production helps Commodore master tooling, processing 
Commodore explains how the production process helps them master the machines.
  NPE: Firms add power to thermoforming
Commodore showcases its new thermoformer for narrow and wide web markets.
Labec Insulating Shrink Wrap   Coex Foam Labels Keep Beverages Cold
Commodore Plastics' Labec® shrink label stock insulates aluminum, glass & PET beverage containers.
Plastics_Technology     Speed, Flexibility & Customization Spur Success at PS Extruder & Former
A feature of the development and success at Commodore, and what it took to get there.      

  Thermoforming Systems Gain Upgrades, Features
Plastics Machinery Magazine recognizes the machine upgrades to the SX-28
     SPE Thermoforming, Quarterly Magazine, Q2
 Innovative Briefs: The SX-28S   
     Food and Drink International, Fall 2016
Problem Solvers- Commodore doesn't deliver a one-size-fits-all polystyrene foam tray product   
     Packaging Europe- Expo Special , September 2016
Smarter Themoforming and Extrusion Processes
     Manufacturing Today- November/December 2016
 Problem Solvers- Commodore Plastics Doesn't Deliver a One-Size-Fits-All Foam Tray Product




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