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EPS Tooling

EPS ToolingCommodore is a world leader in the design and manufacture of tooling for EPS foam. Our engineers have extensive experience in our industry, and our customers benefit directly from this expertise.

We use the latest in three-dimensional modeling software from Unigraphics, so our designs are as accurate as possible. Important features such as a tray nesting, lid to tray fit, and hinge lid accuracy can be modeled and presented electronically. 

When you need a new foam tray, we can provide you a three-dimensional product drawing in a few days. Want some prototype parts to show your customers before committing to a production tool? No problem. We can produce your prototypes in as little as two weeks.

Another Commodore benefit is our ability to test your tool in our foam plant, ensuring that your foam part forms and trims as expected. We can even send you samples from your tool for approval prior to shipping it to you. If you are in a rush for large quantities of parts, we can schedule a production run of the completed product, allowing you the additional convenience and time to set up your machines.

In the foam industry, the ability to maximize profits is dependent on many factors, but arguably none as important as your tooling.


Your foam trays need to be designed and built with the utmost care to ensure that you can make trays that are strong and lightweight. Part spacing is crucial in reducing scrap. Tray features such as wall angle and thickness can alter stack heights (and therefore shipping volume) by as much as 30%. 

Want to learn how to complete a 5 minute mold changeover? Commodore can show you how. Click here to learn more about our molds.

Serrated Trim Tools

Commodore invented the pass-through, serrated knife trimming system. Our latest trim tool, which features a urethane punch and serrated blade, is being adopted by other foam producers around the world because it cuts better than what they're now using.

Our serrated trim tools offer several advantages, including a cleaner cut than conventional tools, even as the thickness of the trim flange increases. Our trim tools eliminate the high-precision tolerance required in conventional tooling, making the tool less expensive, easier to use, and less costly to maintain. Our unique foam cutting process produces a clean cut with no angel hair, even on thick flange items. The trim tools are made from aluminum, not steel, so they're lighter, easier to handle, and quicker to change over than hard tools.

Our two types of Serrated Trim Tools include Slotted and Urethane. Click here to learn more about lower maintenance and cost trim tools, faster changeovers, and thicker tray flanges with minimal dust.

Hard Tools

For those that have a requirement for traditional punch and die hard tools, you will be happy to know that Commodore can design and build them for you. Our extensive experience in the industry has provided us with insights that allow us to produce hard tools for less than the competition. If you have to have a punch and die trim tool, then you owe it to yourself to see how we can help.

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