Fit Assessment

What is a Fit Assessment?

A Fit Assessment is a tool to determine how well your current tray program is working for all stake holders. A fit assessment seeks to bring together purchasing, operations, and product managers to ask questions about how the current tray program is working from their standpoint. Findings from the fit assessment are analyzed and a recommendation is given for changes.


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  • What do I gain from a fit assessment?

    A fit assessment is meant to be a quick,but deep look at your current foam tray program. It may simply confirm that your program fits your needs, or it may reveal a key ,but overlooked component. Either way you will come out of your fit assessment with a comprehensive review that will pinpoint areas that are working well and also areas where improvements can be made to increase your efficiency and profit margin.

  • How long does it take?

    Half Day on site review, and less than 2-weeks start to finish.  

  • My program is great why would I do a fit assessment?

    Even if your current program is great, a fit assessment will make sure that the program is working for all stake holders. It will also allow you to benchmark your performance against industry peers ensuring you are getting fair pricing for the program you're purchasing.