Machine Modernization

We are experts in foam production and machine design with over 35 years of experience. We develop integrated and practical engineering solutions for foam producers. We put our experience to work for you and provide you cost-effective ways to prolong the life of your system. You will benefit from our expertise, proven processes and project management capabilities. We can modernize, repair or revive almost any existing system to meet your changing business requirements.


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Oven Upgrades

  • Reconfiguration and Integration
  • Full system replacement , choose between  Calrod or heater panels

Electrical Recontrol

  • Replace obsolete controls no longer supported by OEM
  • Remotely access equipment with new controls
  • Increase CPM with new recontrol     

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Oven panels, calrods, electrical panel
Trim press, hydraulic press and machine upgrades

Hydraulic Updates

  • Full system replacements
  • Quickly retrofit with faster hydraulic units
  • Incorporate proportional valves to minimize forming vibration

Trim Press Updates

  • Increase CPM by replacing chain drive with belt drive
  • Stiffen frame to allow greater CPM without impacting trim accuracy
  • Photo eye upgrades, improving trim accuracy and reducing scrap

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  • Improve output and sheet quality
  • Adjust gap without breaking the bubble

Gas Systems

  • Replace current gas system with reliable diaphragm pump
  • Add redundant pump head to your new system to assure 24/7 operation
We have a solution for you no matter the volume or blowing agent, visit our Gas Systems page for our offerings.
Coextrusion dies, gas system , gas pumps and extrusion line


Dual Mandrel Shuttle

  • Accomplish sheet changeover in less than 5 minutes with our dual mandrel cart




  • Reduce edge scrap by sizing sheets to accurately match your mold width.