Tips From an Applications Engineer

by Michaela Cultrara

The Importance of an Applications Engineer:

Whether you're looking to start your own foam plant, looking to expand in different markets with your existing foam plant, or just overall looking to make more profit in the coming year, an applications engineer can be crucial in your success. Upon purchasing new equipment or parts, it is important to make sure that the company you're buying from offers support like an applications engineer to come out onsite to your foam plant to help manage any issues that could potentially arise. Read below to see more things to consider before bringing an applications engineer into your plant.

Where to start:

Upon speaking with an applications engineer we found that the following information is both helpful and useful when looking to start your own foam plant, manage one, or upgrade and improve existing conditions in your current foam plant.

Applications Engineer working on an extruder die

1: If you have your own foam plant and are looking to consult an applications engineer here are some questions you should consider beforehand

  • Do you need to develop a new foam sheet?
  • Are you functioning at optimal output?
  • Ask yourself if you're looking to improve production flow or efficiency.

2: Circumstances someone should look into bringing an applications engineer into the plant…

  • Process Improvement
  • Product development/ implementation of a new product
  • Quality improvement
  • Optimize base foam or improve or reduce density of base foam
  • Performance enhancement/ output gains
  • Production flow and efficiency

3: The benefits of having an applications engineer or purchasing a product through a company that offers that kinds of support include:

  • Identify areas for improvement
  • Scrap reduction
  • Ensuring quality production
  • Potential profit gains and maximization

What it means to you:

The ability to have an applications engineer come onsite to your plant could mean the difference between your business surviving vs thriving.  When looking to purchase new equipment or add to your plant it is important that the company your choosing to purchase through has the technical support you need to support your everyday operations efficiently.

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