Saving Time and Reducing Scrap in Your Sheet Changeover

by Michaela Cultrara

Identifying the problem:

Managing your scrap rate is important to a successful extrusion process. Functioning at high scrap rates puts you at a disadvantage to your competitors. A scrap reduction measure that shouldn't be overlooked is sheet change over time. Not only is the sheet changeover step important when it comes to scrap reduction but it is also important in terms of timesaving.

Areas for Improvement:

As in anything, recognizing the area for improvement is the first step. Having a standardized change over procedure and recording method for time is one way changeovers can effectively be improved by plant and floor workers. However to take this a step further, equipment should also be looked at as an impact on changeover times.

Dual Mandrel Cart

Save yourself

  • 45 minutes of downtime
  • Over 500 lbs of unrecyclable scrap

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On a single mandrel cart the line is not making finished product during a drum change. Commodore's Dual Mandrel cart has the ability to setup the next drum size while the extrusion line is still producing a quality sheet so there is a large reduction in change over time. The design of the mandrel cart allows for repeatable repositioning of the drum each time; reducing setup time thus reducing scrap generation. 

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