I'm Sorry About Mom Wrecking the Meat Case

by Jim Cross, Director of Sales

Consumer in the grocery store meat aisle

Pretty doesn't count, except to my mom when she rummages through the meat case looking for the perfect package of prime meat. If a cut of meat is ill-fitting, displays excessive purge, or has a broken corner, it's unacceptable to her. Please forgive her and the countless other consumers who copy her behavior creating more damage and disarray in your case.

There is a name for this behavior - Compulsive Case Carnage (CCC), which affects nearly all protein processors regardless of geographic location or markets served. One of the best ways to prevent an outbreak of CCC is by utilizing a Premium Tray Program (PTP) like those offered by Commodore Plastics. A Premium Tray Program is specifically designed to improve the following:

  • Remove excess purge by properly matching absorption requirements
  • Provide Flexible strength to withstand the production & case environment (plus Mom)
  • Proper fitment – "Right-sized" not "All-sized"
  • Engineered to separate and de-nest for optimized production efficiency
  • Provide custom trays, with colors to reflect marketing's current trends

The sooner you decide on improving the look of your product, the sooner you can put a stop to perfectly edible product being treated like the last kid picked in dodgeball. I encourage all stakeholders – Marketing, Operations, and Procurement - to embrace this solution and demand better case ready packaging from their manufacturer. Isn't it time to stop the needless loss of consumable goods and keep mom (and management) happy? Don't waste another day! Act now!

Some will say that custom costs – but it doesn't have to. Engineered custom solutions do not necessarily translate into higher prices. The "total cost" of providing case ready solutions has to be considered. You should expect more out of your provider, and when you consider the loss at the store level it gets more costly the further down the line you go.

Don't wait to lose more business. Don't expect the consumer's behavior to change. It's up to us to prevent CCC and we can, if we work together. It's never too late to start. You don't have to live in fear of the store manager or my mom.

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Caution disclaimer: The use of a Premium Tray Program as produced by Commodore Plastics is likely to result in lower costs, improved production yields, better shelf appearance and increased profits. Continued sustained use of our PTP may also result in renewed contracts, higher margins and happier moms!