Does your Packaging affect your Productivity?

by Jim Cross, Director of Sales

The answer is absolutely, but more importantly does your packaging and packaging vendor help or hurt your productivity or Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OOE). OEE at a manufacturer is directly dependent on the components involved. According to a new study from PMMI Business Intelligience, 3 of every 4 food processing operations measure OEE on a regular basis. 

At meat processing plants, packaging is key – Pre-padded foam trays, film, labels and boxes – all must work seamlessly with production equipment – Denesters, belts, wrappers, check/weigh, case erectors, and operators or the line goes down.  Each time the line slows or stops your efficiency drops, throughput and productivity suffer. 

The first step in improving is benchmarking; select a metric such as packages per minute, pounds per labor hour, or pounds per shift.  Then step back and observe the process. This is one of the best ways to determine failure points, identify problem areas and test solutions.  After review, establish a goal and then compare to the benchmark. 

At Commodore Plastics helping reach goals is what we do best.  Our Fit Assessment is specifically designed to find the sticking point in your system and engineer a solution.  The best part is we enlist your team to make sure key stakeholders are involved and take part in the entire process. 


Typically the stakeholders involved are:

  • Procurement – Purchasing – Ordering through delivery process
  • Operations – On the line – Surviving the processing environment
  • Marketing – Retail appeal – Is your product really “ Case Ready”

The Fit Assessment was developed to help find weak links in the process.  We bring a fresh set of eyes, and knowledge of industry best practices.  When completed findings are presented as Areas for Improvement.  Having benchmarked, tested, and verified.  We present quantified expectations for improvement that raise effectiveness, and lower overall costs. 

Love them or hate them, at the heart of your case ready packing operation is the foam tray.  Commodore manufactures foam trays designed to work with your plant’s packaging equipment.  Tray strength, even trim, low dust, form, stack consistency all play a part in running smoothly.  Tray strength is important but it needs to be balanced with flexibility so that it will wrap well and look good at the retailer.   

It takes an open mind and a collaborative approach to embrace the process but if you want to reach your maximum effectiveness and keep ownership happy it’s a great place to start.

Best of all, with Commodore Plastics, The Fit Assessment comes at no cost.  That’s an easy PO to write!

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